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Interview with Historian Kevin Duffus

Old Baldy Historian Travis Gilbert had the opportunity sit down with esteemed North Carolina coastal historian Kevin Duffus. Over the course of the interview the two historians had the opportunity to discuss the orginal Bald Head Island Lighthouse and its Keeper.

Kevin Duffus is a well regarded author and filmmaker on North Carolina Maritime History. Learn more about Kevin Duffus and his research here.

In 2017 Duffus and the Old Baldy Foundation published "The Story of Cape Fear and Bald Head Island" in conjunction with the 200th anniversary of the Old Baldy Lighthouse. Spanning 500 years of history, this book is an evocative panorama of the past viewed from the sandy shores of one of America's most unique islands and capes. This meticulously researched chronicle presents a cavalcade of unforgettable characters - explorers, colonists, pirates, lighthouse keepers, Civil War soldiers and river pilots, lifesavers, and speculators and ecologists - men and women who have shaped the cultural heritage of an incomparable place.

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