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As part of its mission, the Old Baldy Foundation maintains a permanent collection of artifacts and manuscripts illustrating the history of the Smith Island Complex. The public may access the Old Baldy Foundation's permanent collection by visiting our online database which organizes and publishes our collections. Most of the Old Baldy Foundation's permanent collection is published, which includes photographs, contextual information, measurements, and transcriptions.


Additionally, the Old Baldy Foundation publishes its subject files online. Subject files are materials not formally accessioned into the Old Baldy Foundation’s permanent collection. These materials include newspaper clippings, pamphlets, correspondence, and photographs. All materials are organized into files with a subject, such as "Generator Society" or "Cape Fear Light Station." Often, the subject may be an individual, such as "George Mitchell."


The Old Baldy Foundation manages its collection through the direction of a collections committee appointed by the foundation's Board of Directors. The collections committee maintains the Old Baldy Foundation's Collections Management Policy, which governs the policies associated with the permanent collection. These policies include accepting new collection items, preserving the collection, handling the collection, and much more.


For more information about the Old Baldy Foundation's permanent collection, subject files, or collections management policy, please contact the foundation's Collections Coordinator, Jake Grossman, at 910-457-7481 or

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