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Live tracking the trial of Stede Bonnet 302 years later!

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

The next few weeks mark the 302nd anniversary of Stede Bonnet’s trial for piracy in Charles Town, South Carolina. Bonnet, known as the “Gentleman Pirate,” was captured in the Cape Fear River on September 27, 1718, after battling South Carolinians under the command of Colonel William Rhett. After the battle, Rhett transported Bonnet and the other captured pirates to Charles Town for trial. Much of what we know about Stede Bonnet and the battle in the Cape Fear River is from the trial records printed in London in 1719. 

Today, the Old Baldy Foundation uses the trial records of Stede Bonnet to interpret the history of pirates in the Lower Cape Fear. Over the past few months, the Old Baldy Team has been real-time tracking the final months of Stede Bonnet on social media, and the trial begins this week. Follow along our youtube channel every day for a recap of that day's trial happenings. Check out the first days trial overview below:

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