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The Old Baldy Foundation Welcomes Three New Board Members!

The Old Baldy Foundation Board of Directors governs all the decisions of current and future operations of the organization. As the Old Baldy Foundation continues to grow, we have three new board members that bring a variety of knowledge and experience to assist in all aspects of leadership at Old Baldy. Meet our new board members!

The Old Baldy Foundation welcomes Mrs. Kristin Henson as a new Board Member. Originally from Arizona, Kristin comes to us after a career in Space Systems as an Air Force officer and defense contractor. She and her daughters have vacationed on BHI since 2005, and Kristin became a full-time resident in 2018 after she and Steve Henson were married. Kristin now works alongside her husband supporting Henson Building Corporation and Maritime Mosquito Misting, as well as serving on the Village Chapel Outreach Committee, the BHI Yacht Club Board and our own Old Baldy Foundation Board. When we asked what Bald Head Island means to her, Kristin’s own words say it best:

“The freedom to wander and dream, sand underfoot and sunshine overhead, was imprinted on my soul at a young age. My fondest memories growing up are of exploring the Southwestern desert with my dog, listening to nature, watching the wildlife, and soaking up the solitude. Life and work took me to many beautiful places through the years, but it was Bald Head Island that rekindled those childhood feelings. The island is a culmination of many dreams for me, where I found true love and a place to truly love. From beach to marsh, forest to marina, the island calls to be explored and enjoyed. The live oak trees, the mighty ocean, and the soaring birds remind us to be humble and still, yet adventurous and free. There is something for everyone here- thinkers and dreamers and doers alike- and Old Baldy lighthouse stands watch over us all. Old Baldy is the crown jewel of the island- the silent sentry, a symbol of strength and endurance, and the keeper of island memories. Bald Head Island is a place of renewal and refreshment, to be treasured for its rich history and its peaceful simplicity, and I am excited to play a part in protecting its legacy as a member of the Old Baldy Foundation.”

Long-time Old Baldy supporter Jenny Becherer also joins the Old Baldy Foundation as a member of the Board of Directors. As a married mother of two, Jenny lives in Alexandria, Virginia, with her husband. For over twenty years, the Becherers have spent their summers on Bald Head Island and own a home in the harbor. Jenny is an executive at a company founded fifteen years ago by her and her husband, Tom.

In addition to work she has done to champion Old Baldy, Jenny has also been an avid supporter of the Bald Head Island Conservancy. Her love of Bald Head Island shines through with the missions she fosters. The Old Baldy Foundation is eager for both the professional expertise she will bring to the Board of Directors, along with her love for Bald Head Island.

The third new board needs no introduction to the Keeper's Time readers. Travis Gilbert, Old Baldy's previous educator and now Executive Director of the Historic Wilmington Foundation, joins Old Baldy in a new capacity within the Board of Directors! For two years, Travis served Old Baldy as a staff member who brought a freshness to the historic stories and importance of Bald Head Island and the Cape Fear. In addition to his time at Old Baldy, he served on the Board of Directors at the Southport Historical Society and Thalian Hall. He couldn't leave Old Baldy behind altogether and is thrilled to be a member of our board!


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