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Sponsor Spotlight- Henson Building Corporation

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

The Old Baldy Foundation relies heavily on sponsors' support to fulfill our mission-based work of historic preservation and educational outreach! Our sponsors' financial support allows our staff members to facilitate educational programming to students, community members, history enthusiasts, and more on over four centuries of history on Bald Head Island. In today's sponsor spotlight, we will highlight a long time Old Baldy supporter, Henson Building Corporation!

Owners Steve and Kristin Henson not only financially support the Old Baldy Foundation but are always ready to step in and lend a set of helping hands! They volunteer at events, field trips, historic tours, and even for day to day operations. You can often find them around the campus, helping with an assortment of duties! The Old Baldy Foundation is honored to have Henson Building Corporation as a partner and sponsor.

When asked about the reason they support the Old Baldy Foundation, the Henson's eloquently captured the true spirit of Old Baldy and Bald Head Island:

"The oldest lighthouse in North Carolina, Old Baldy is the historic icon of Bald Head Island. Her legacy is one of ceaseless vigilance, keeping watch over the island and surrounding waters for two centuries. Old Baldy has stood the test of time, undaunted by war and storm, a timeless symbol of American pride and strength. At Henson Building Corporation, we value integrity, hard work, and the enduring American spirit. We seek the wisdom gained from history and appreciate those who serve and protect this great land. The tales of lighthouse keeper traditions, shipwreck rescues, and island folklore are treasures to be cared for, shared, and cherished, and Henson Building Corporation is privileged to support the Old Baldy Foundation in their endeavors to keep Old Baldy's history alive for us all."

Please join us at the Old Baldy Foundation in extending a tremendous thank you to the Henson Building Corporation for their continued support of our mission. For over 20 years, Henson Building Corporation has been building premier custom homes on Bald Head, homes that complement and showcase the natural beauty of the island. Learn more about Henson Building Corporation here!

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