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Sponsor Spotlight- Bald Head Island Limited

The Old Baldy Foundation relies heavily on sponsors' support to fulfill our mission-based work of historic preservation and educational outreach! Our sponsors' financial support allows our staff members to facilitate educational programming to students, community members, history enthusiasts, and more on over four centuries of history on Bald Head Island. Today's sponsor spotlight features a long time Old Baldy sponsor whose support was crucial in the formation of our organization, Bald Head Island Limited!

Bald Head Island’s distinctive sense of place and protected natural environment are a direct extension of the values of its developer, Bald Head Island Limited, owned by the George P. Mitchell Family. Since 1983, the company has been entrusted with the stewardship and development of this remarkable island. Its original vision statement, “To create a viable premier island community where people may live in harmony with nature and each other,” remains as relevant today as it was nearly 40 years ago.

Bald Head Island Limited’s early support of the Old Baldy Foundation was instrumental in ensuring the lighthouse was preserved for generations to come. In 1991, it donated the land that Old Baldy stands on to the Old Baldy Foundation. For many years Bald Head Island Limited’s former President and CEO, Kent Mitchell, served on the Foundation’s board.

“Bald Head Island Limited is a proud, longtime supporter of the Old Baldy Foundation and its important work,” said Chad Paul, Bald Head Island Limited’s current CEO. “The lighthouse is an icon not only for the island, but for the entire state of North Carolina. We applaud the Foundation’s ongoing work to preserve and protect this historic structure, as well as its efforts to educate owners and visitors about Bald Head Island’s important role in the history of the Cape Fear region.”

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