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Bidding Farewell to Travis Gilbert

The Old Baldy Foundation has bittersweet news to share with our community as we head into 2021. Our Educator and Collections Coordinator, Travis Gilbert, will be leaving the Old Baldy Foundation to accept a position as the Executive Director of the Historic Wilmington Foundation. Though the Old Baldy Foundation is saddened to lose such an integral member of our staff, we could not be more proud that he has been honored with this prestigious offer at such a well-regarded organization.

In 2018, Travis joined the Old Baldy Foundation as the staff historian. He quickly grew to be beloved on Bald Head Island for his ability to involve and excite the community in the rich maritime history of our island paradise. We can genuinely credit Travis' work with a reinvigoration of interest and participation in the history and stories of BHI from our community along with the greater Wilmington area. Travis brought a fresh perspective to the important stories of the people who have called Bald Head home for four centuries and developed many new avenues to share these histories with the public. Also, he worked diligently to expand the Old Baldy Foundation's reach by collaborating with many other history organizations throughout the state. Because of this work, the stories of Bald Head Island and its lighthouses, lighthouse keepers, pirates, soldiers, developers, and more have become much more entwined and known when telling our state's history and its waterways throughout many communities.

While we are sad to see Travis Gilbert move on to his next venture, he will only be a short drive away in Wilmington, NC. Because of this, Travis plans to stay involved with the Old Baldy Foundation through volunteering, collaborations, and enjoying Old Baldy events and programs with the community! To everyone who has taken Travis's tour, attended his lectures, or watched his virtual history lessons, please don't fret that you will not get a chance to say goodbye or miss out on opportunities to learn more from him. As we announce upcoming programs, events, and more, we will be announcing new ways in which Travis is collaborating with Old Baldy from his new position!

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