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Sponsors help make National Lighthouse Day celebrations possible!

Old Baldy Lighthouse stands tall, personifying over 200 years of Bald Head Island History. Tens of thousands of visitors travel to Old Baldy every year to experience this cultural treasure. The Old Baldy Foundation is proud to present a series of events and programs that bring our region's rich history to life. These programs are not possible with the generous support of our sponsors.

We entered 2021 trepidatiously, not knowing what was ahead as we prepared for programs and events. By the spring, it was clear that we would safely move forward with some modified celebrations for the summer. As we prepare to honor National Lighthouse Day with a weekend full of festivities over August 6th-8th, we must take a moment to acknowledge the generous sponsors who are making this weekend possible. The following businesses and families have made these events possible so we can celebrate our beloved lighthouse and the community she represents!

The Becherer Family

The Gottshall Family

Help Old Baldy in thanking these generous sponsors! Learn more about our events that weekend here.

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