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Behind the Scenes at Old Baldy!

In this segment we want to give our supporters an inside look at our efforts to interpret over four centuries of history from the Cape Fear region and the behind the scenes work that accompanies our mission.

This past summer, the Old Baldy Foundation started construction on a long-planned project of installing a new roof on Keeper's Cottage on our campus. Many of our summer visitors may have seen workers milling about to complete this undertaking. We wanted to feature this project to thank those who made it possible and highlight the significant reasons this undertaking took place.

The Keeper's Cottage was constructed in 2000 as a replica of the third Keeper's Cottage that stood on our grounds and served as a home for many Lighthouse Keeper's. This building is an integral part of our interpretation of over four centuries of history on Bald Head Island. Many of our visitors are shocked to see the narrow ship's ladder inside the building as they enter our gift shop. Seeing the unique features of the building allows them to imagine the daily struggles the lighthouse keeper had living in such confined quarters, often with a wife and children!

In 2000 as the Keeper's Cottage was being constructed, a historically accurate cedar shake roof was chosen. Over the past twenty years of weather and wear, a need to replace the rood became evident. 2020 has been a year of struggle, including a forced shut down of museum operations for the majority of the year. However, this project was planned and financed before the realities of COVID-19. While this pandemic has left a significant mark and financial hurdles for the Old Baldy Foundation, our leadership team has not stopped looking towards our organization's long-term goals and mission. Having this new roof installed is a vital step in protecting our building long into the future.

Images provided by SOS Roofing

With the consistent threat of weather events in our coastal community, a more durable roofing option was selected with the assistance of local BHI contractor SOS roofing. A manufactured composite shake roof by DaVinci roofscapes was chosen. This product visually represents the historical accuracy we strive for while providing more durable support and a 50-year warranty. This roofing material was strategically picked to provide the necessary protection for our building. SOS roofing helped us keep this project at a manageable price and handled the work in the summer's heat quickly and efficiently!

As a 501c3 organization our mission is to serve the community so everyone can cherish the cultural treasure of Old Baldy. Because of this we focus on making decisions that are an investment in our future so we can continue honoring this beloved monument for years to come. By offering this behind the scenes look into the process of how this project came about, we wanted to share how our future goals and previous fundraising efforts allowed us to complete this in the trying year of 2020.



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