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Old Baldy Lighthouse Learners School & Youth Field Trips

A field trip like no other. Plan your next group visit to Old Baldy, North Carolina's oldest lighthouse. Experience the rich maritime history of Bald Head Island through the "eyes of a lighthouse keeper".

Planning your visit? Here's everything you need to know!

Lighthouse Learners Scholarship Fund
This program has been established by the Old Baldy Foundation for the children of North Carolina. If available, scholarship funds assist with: 1) ferry transportation to the island, and 2) the educational services and materials provided by the staff of Old Baldy Foundation.

The money used for the Lighthouse Learner's Scholarship Fund is comprised of grants and private funds donated to assist educational programs. Scholarship assistance is determined on an individual group basis and funding availability. Download scholarship application here.

Educational Programs
We are able to adapt and respond to a variety of requests for presentations based on your curriculum needs. Our program already meets the curriculum requirements for the State of North Carolina. Below are some of the standard programs recommended for a first time visit. 

A Day in the Life of a Lighthouse Keeper:
 Take a step back in time as you tour a replica of an 1850's Lighthouse Keeper's cottage. Tour our museum to learn about life in the nineteenth century and the maritime heritage of the island. 

The Role of Old Baldy Lighthouse:
Old Baldy guided mariners home for over a century, stood within the boundaries of a Confederate fort, and served as a radio station for the United States Coast Guard during World War II.

Civil War-Smith Island:
Walk to the earthen works complex known as Fort Holmes and see the remains of sand curtians, Battery no. 4 use to defend Cape Fear and the blockade runners from the Union Navy.

Island Nature:
Learn more about the natural history and environment of the lower Cape Fear region as a knowledgeable staff member presents information related to the island's coastal flora and fauna. 


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