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In 1985, a group of dedicated individuals founded the Old Baldy Foundation, a public not-for-profit 501-c3 organization dedicated to the maintenance and preservation of the Old Baldy Lighthouse. For years visitors to Old Baldy could climb literally "at their own risk". The picture below will show the state of disrepair of the Old Baldy Lighthouse. For the Old Baldy Lighthouse to continue to stand and be a beloved part of the Bald Head Island community, great repair and preservation actions were needed.  

Throughout the Foundation's history, there have been steps taken to preserve and protect The Old Baldy Lighthouse from weather and age. From interior work repairing stairs, to re-patching the stucco on the exterior of the lighthouse to prevent moisture from getting inside, to work done to repair the lanthorn room, Old Baldy has seen extensive renovations. These collective repairs have allows Old Baldy to stand for over 200 years and become a destination that allows many to visit the lighthouse and learn about its rich history. 



The Old Baldy Foundation works to provide educational outreach to the surrounding communities about the history of the Old Baldy Lighthouse and the Cape Fear region and its waterways. Today, Bald Head Island is known as a popular beach destination with the unique charm of being a car-free island. Many of the island visitors are unaware of the rich history of Bald Head Island and the Old Baldy Lighthouse. 

The Old Baldy Foundation campus is an educational resource used to share the abundant history of Bald Head Island. It features the Old Baldy Lighthouse, an oil house, and a keeper's cottage replica which houses history museum and small gift shop. A long term project of the Foundation is to build a large museum that allows us to expand our exhibits.